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Renting is different than homeownership. As a renter, you may have noisy neighbours living above you, and you probably can’t control when repairs are made or when snow is shovelled. But you can control your exposure to risks – like fires and lawsuits.


Tenant Pak

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Insurance may not be something you’ve given much thought. Maybe you don’t think your belongings are worth all that much. Or you don’t see the need to pay for insurance to protect a place someone else owns. Sure, your landlord may have insurance on the building, but you should also have tenant insurance to protect your personal property and liability.

If there’s water damage or a fire and everything you own is lost, could you afford to replace those things? Clothing. Computers. Collectables. Whether you’re a struggling student or an established professional, it can add up quickly.

And if you cause a fire by leaving a pot on the stove, you could have a lot more to lose. You can be legally liable for damage caused to your suite, the building and other people’s property. If your noisy neighbour is injured, they could sue you.

Whether renting is a short-term situation or your preferred lifestyle, an SGI Canada Tenant Pak provides insurance coverage for your belongings and personal liability, just in case. Protect what you do own, including your financial security.

 Property Coverage

An SGI Canada Tenant Pak gives you replacement cost coverage for your belongings. So you are covered for what it costs to replace your items at current prices, in most cases. Even if your hand-me-down couch might not be worth much, it could cost a lot to replace it if it gets damaged.

You’re also protected for:

  • cheque forgery, debit- and credit-card loss
  • identity theft expenses
  • damage to improvements you’ve made to your rental unit
  • removal of debris after a loss
  • mass evacuation expenses
  • entry damage caused by police officers, paramedics or fire fighters
  • glass breakage

Liability Coverage

Communal living comes with added risk. If you cause a loss, you’re more likely to affect the people living around you – or even the entire building. And if you’re found responsible for the loss of an entire rental property, whether it’s a house, duplex, townhouse, basement suite or apartment complex, it could leave you in financial ruin.

A Tenant Pak comes with $1 million in personal liability coverage to protect you when you’re at fault, or when you’re deemed responsible for damages or injuries caused by something like a fire. These limits can also be increase at very limited cost.

Legal Expense Insurance

You are automatically covered under your Tenant Pak when you are faced with unexpected legal issues. Your Tenant Pak insurance will pay your legal costs to pursue or defend your legal rights for:

  • contract disputes
  • property protection


Receive UNLIMITED access to our free telephone legal advice helpline. You can speak with a lawyer to receive general legal advice for any legal questions you have, whether or not it is included in your coverage.
Legal Advice Helpline 1-855-953-1430

Options to Meet Your Needs

  • Home Systems Protection
  • Additional Identity Theft Coverage
  • Increased Limits Coverage
  • Sewer Back Up Coverage
  • Voluntary Fire Fighting Coverage
  • Special Belongings Coverage like jewellery or coin collections
  • Boats, Watercraft and All-Terrain Vehicle Coverage
  • Seasonal Home, Secondary Residence Coverage and Rental Home Coverage
  • Increased Liability Limits

Premium Discounts

  • Claim Free for three years or more
  • Your age and number of years continuously insured with SGI CANADA qualify
  • Approved monitored security system
  • You live above the 3rd floor
  • Higher deductible
  • Credit Score Discount

The Benefit

Tenant Paks are tailored for renters. You get great coverage at a great price designed specifically for the risks you face. It covers you for both property and liability losses.

You can face significant financial hardship if you’re at fault for damaging someone’s property or if someone gets injured by your actions. Liability coverage provides you with protection in these situations.

It could cost a fortune to replace your stuff all at once, but with an SGI Canada Tenant Pak it’ll be replaced with new, similar items.

Give us a call about protecting your financial well-being and belongings with a Tenant Pak that will fit your needs and your budget. 

This is a general description of the coverages provided. Actual policy conditions govern. For a complete list of Tennant Insurance options, policies and prices give us a call.

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